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Cryogenic - Ein Interview

Cryogenic - Ein Interview


Cryogenic Interview

The year 2019 has shown quite a development in your career, how did you experience this last year yourself?

Relieved! It was a lot of hard work with my 40 hour regular day job, running my own label (Offensive Rage) and my family suffering because I am away so much being on the road for shows or in the studio. But is also felt really good because I see it as a reward and getting recognition for my work, so it makes me feel that I am on the right track.

Your productions are doing really well in the charts, but besides that they are also being picked up by a lot of other artists as well, including not only hardcore but RAW artists as well. How do you see this development in music?

Funny that you are asking me this because it is something I have also noticed myself. It makes me feel proud, and I think it is very cool that we as Uptempo Generation no longer are seen as the “simple people” and it is great that different genres like for example the Hardstyle scene appreciate each other’s productions and also take over each other’s influences and techniques.

Besides being active yourself as Cryogenic, in 2019 we have also seen the birth of Shock-N-Destroy with a first performance at Titanium Festival. We have already seen some great festivals announced for this summer. What more can we expect from this project together with System Overload for 2020?

I am very happy with the progress and slowly the act is really starting to shape. Shock-N-Destroy will be an exclusive live show. And slowly the Shock-N-Destroy project is taking over my fast and hard Uptempo so with my own Cryogenic project I can focus a little more on the main stream sounds.

März, 2020

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